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Desert Protection Campaign

The Desert Protection Campaign is a month long. This initiative was launched by the Hobbies Club Dubai, in cooperation with several governmental and private agencies. The idea and programs of the campaign are based on the promotion of the principles of environment protection, especially with the desert environment amongst the younger generation. It also aims to deepen the relationship between the community and the desert as it is the perfect place to practice desert hobbies and a living proof of the pride of man in its own environment where he grew up. The campaign is announced annually via a press conference and includes many educational events, conferences, and workshops related to the introduction to the types of living organisms and plant life in the desert - highlighting their benefits, the importance of maintaining the same, and the importance of providing permanent centers to deal with refuse to support the purposes of the campaign. The latter has received considerable attention, and has had remarkable results amongst the youth, as well as high and numerous praise from various official and social authorities.