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Rashid Camp

Rashid Summer Camp is one of the largest youth camps in the Gulf. It was established in the Emirate of Dubai as an initiative of the emirate’s Hobbies Club. The camp refines and strengthens beneficial hobbies for young students during their summer leave in order to utilize their spare time in a beneficial and interesting way. It also develops the youth behavior by embracing them into a family environment that develops personality and physical skills. Furthermore the club achieves its objectives in a package of distinctive educational, awareness, artistic, sportive and entertainment programs. These events and activities include: sports activities i.e. shooting, swimming, cultural and educational activities such as memorizing the Holy Koran, and social morality and behavior, as well as strengthening their competences to speak in English. Other initiatives include recreational activities such as basketball and volleyball. These activities are primarily held in the Emirate of Dubai, with other branches in the Emirates of Fujairah, Ras Al Kamiah and Umm Al-Quwain. Eventually this club shall be expanded to include all of the Emirates of the UAE.