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Horses have been in Arabs since ancient times. Traditionally prized by nomadic tribes as desert transport and war horses, Arab horses were originally developed for speed and endurance, helped by crossing Arab and Thoroughbred stock with local. They are, strong and hardy in the harsh desert environment. At Country festivals you will see tribal leaders riding horses with elaborate and very decorative harnesses. UAE leaders and its people are known for being horse enthusiasm, the country hosted the richest horse race in the world for couple of years. Hobbies Club offers range of equestrian sports including dressage, eventing, general riding and haking to carriage driving and harnes racing. Hobbies Club UAE offers horse riding lessons, riding holiday short and long trail rides for all levels of rider. Children are welcome to have riding tuition. Riding Holiday Experienced riders can have interesting rides through the nature reserve, along the beach of Um Al Quwain, to plains of Ras Al Khaimah through oasis and heritage villages. Passing through camel, vegetable and fruits farms of Dhaid. Enjoy riding on golden sand dunes of Arabian Desert, stopping for sunset and dinner in the oasis. Reach Hatta and passing by through Ruweya Natural reserve. Dubai is a very popular tourist destination in U.A.E with a rich culture and ancient civilization, with modern civilization. UAE is a hot country and the best time to visit for horse riding is winter from October to April. Summer (May to September) is really too hot for riding. However if staying in the desert remember night time temperatures can be cold, near freezing in mid winter Dubai is a popular tourist destination and the people are friendly and welcoming. The country has good amenities and there is a lot to see and do.