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About Us / Hobbies Club

The Hobbies Club ... is a cultural and educational club, established in Dubai in 1996 and is one of the oldest youth clubs in the United Arab Emirates. It aims to embrace and develop various beneficial hobbies for young people living in the country through packages of programs, training sessions and camps, held in cooperation with several governmental and private agencies. To date it has organized many significant initiatives and events, most notably the "Rashid Summer Camp" and the "Campaign to Protect the Desert" and enjoys great support at all levels, while being a member of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum initiative to promote youth projects.

Objectives of the club:
- To foster and deepen the national feeling of belonging to the United Arab Emirates on the cultural, intellectual and national levels and raise this patriotism above all other concerns.
- Inform the new generation on the values of loyalty to the country's leaders who built its beauty, levied it, and were keen to serve its citizens honestly and sincerely.
- Develop the sense of responsibility in the new generation to revive and encourage the spirit of volunteerism and promote it among a committed and conscious youth.
- Educate young people on the meaning of strength, manhood, wisdom, leadership while developing their talent, while designing plans to develop methods of self-reliance.
- Practice hobbies in accordance and within view of the Islamic Sharia.
- Respect the heritage and intrinsic values on which our country's parents and elders have cultivated. Translate the same into a practical reality that is both distinguished and reinforces national identity.
- Strengthen social composition by promoting the convergence and cohesion between family members through socially favorite hobbies.
- Develop the spirit of innovation amongst young people, and plan skills-building initiatives, brainstorming and proposals for the future.
- Pass their time in performing beneficial activities and hobbies to prevent the youth from falling into despondency and to keep them away from a maze of corruption.
- Draw attention to youth issues, and submit them to the concerned authorities for further interaction and the feasibility of construction and development.