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About Us / Aref Al Abar

Chairman of the Board of Hobbies Club
Born in 1963
Joined the Air Force as a pilot in 1983
Joined the Police Academy in the Sudan during the period 1985 - 1987 First Lieutenant
Commander of the communications force between 1987 - 1990
President of the Enduro horse races between 1989 - 1997
Commissioner of DSF in 1996
Commissioner of sporting events for DSF in 1996
Campaign organizer of the largest bouquet of flowers in the world submitted for Sheikh Zayed (may God have mercy on him) in 2006
Coordinator of the motorcycle racing in 1996
General Coordinator of the company of the UAE Jockey in 1996
Main organizer of the Baghdad International Fair in the years 1998 - 2002
Director of Export Development in the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry in the UAE during 2001 - 2003