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Vision & Mission


Promote the role of the Emirate of Dubai in particular and the UAE in general to become a thriving oasis of youth projects on two principles:

The first principle is to appeal to citizens and their families, allowing them to practice their hobbies in a comprehensive environment consisting of " knowledge, sports and entertainment", where there is an emphasis on values, heritage and traditions that in turn form a basis for self-development, the strengthening of ties, the fostering of foundations of true citizenship, and the willingness to sacrifice for the country.

The second principle is to promote the country in across all of its fields throughout the year not only seasonally. Adopt new ideas relying on the renewable energies of youth to achieve this purpose in the present, medium and long term.


Consolidate national efforts in terms of studied strategies to promote the role of the new generation in the process of building and shaping a new renaissance, and consolidate the ways to establish a genuine partnership between the youth of the country and all governmental agencies and private bodies, paving the way for the development of model development projects. These projects shall be grounded on the efforts of the youth committed and conscious of the challenges of cultures and ideas, and consistent with the unlimited support of our leaders.